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    Question Unanswered: Memo Field Alternative

    I have an application in Access 2003. In one of the main tables (and hence main form) I have a Status field that unfortunately often requires text input that is larger than 255 characters. So, I had to change it to memo type some time ago. I have noticed that on certain Orders that just that field can become corrupted ("The operation was stopped because you and another user were trying to update at the same time"--paraphrase). I know that memo fields are handled differently by Access than other data types. Does anyone know of an alternative to using a memo field or a way of guarding a memo field against corruption? I thank you in advance for your response and your time.

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    I guess it would depend on what you're storing. If it's the type of thing where you're adding text to it over time as the status changes, and it eventually exceeds 255, I'd consider a related table where each update was stored as an individual record. Fields might include OrderID, DateOfUpdate, etc.

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