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    Smile Unanswered: Encrypting passwords

    I am relatively new in Oracle forms 10g. I have my application users as records in one of the application table called users. The table has username,passwd and usergroup as its column. I would like to encrypt the passwords on oracle forms 10 g before storing them in the table. During login the user will provide a password which should then be encrypted in Oracle forms before comparing it with what was stored for the user. Kindly assist.

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    I would not encrypt, I would hash it using DBMS_UTILITY.GET_HASH_VALUE.

    An encrypted password could be decrypted, a hashed password can not be unhashed. You store it hashed and you compare the entered password after it is hashed. This is the same procedure that oracle uses.
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    You can also use DBMS_CRYPTO, which replaces DBMS_OBFUSCATION as of Oracle 10g. DBMS_OBFUSCATATION is still available, but Oracle recommends that you use the former. --=cf

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