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    Unanswered: LInking subforms to all go to new record at once, ACCESS 2000


    I am excited to have found this site, but new to ACCESS so please bear with!

    I am working with a database that already has a lot of data entered into it, but needs a lot of restrucutring to make it more efficient.

    This is for a research study, with multiple patients, each with many visits (about 10-15 each) and each visit containing many questionaires, rating scales. etc.

    One of the questionaires is so long that it had to be split into three tabels. I wanted to make it so this questionaire acts as one while filling it out. SO i made a main form, put a tab control on the main form with 3 tabs, each tab contains 1 part of the questionaire. The 3 subforms are linked to the main form by ID.

    The problem is because there is already data filled out for patients,when I enter in their ID, all the records previously filled out pop up, and if I wanted to make a new record for a patient I would have to go to each tab and make sure it is on a new record before filling it out. (For each new record, which is a pain)

    How do I make it so if I make a new record for tab 1, tab 2 and tab3 3 also go to a new record?

    I have tried oncurrent, and code, (that i can;t remember now, i struggled all day on Friday with this) but since i am such a newbie and don;t understand code nothing has worked.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your help in advance, and sorry if this question was too longwinded!

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    Hi Jenny,

    Take a look at the following thread, it should help you:

    Have a nice day!

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    That helped! Thanks so much,


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