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    Unanswered: Tables Relationships

    i want a database that will allow me to print invoices

    here are my proposed tables

    Main Tables

    look up tables


    I want to make sure that my relationships and tables are designed so that I can later design a query that will be the basis for the report i will use for the invoicing.

    however, not sure how to link the lookup tables so that they will work the most effectively.

    for instance with the state table i want the user to pick from a combo box list on on a form the desired state and then in my query be able to extract the state name and corresponding abbreviation as needed without having the user to get involved in selecting the abbreviation at the data entry level.

    also for the names to appears and the number value that access assigns with dealing with lookup tables

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    What have you done so far and what problems did you encountered?

    Have a nice day!

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