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    Question Unanswered: Fast output

    hi all

    i want to use the output of the select query in the stored procedure and based on this output of the one field like userId i have to fetch data of the different tables..that i have to done but it takes too long time to get output

    if u have any idea to get fast output?

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    Quote Originally Posted by riddhi
    if u have any idea to get fast output?
    make sure that the appropriate columns are properly indexed | @rudydotca
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    Question Already Given Index

    i have already Given the index on table structure.

    but when i run this stored procedure in server database that it still take very long time so you have other idea to get the fast output of this stored procedure
    like creating view etc...if yes then how can i fetch result of one select query in to view thats create in stored procedure.

    because based on this select query result set further procedure is proceed.

    Ex select query give the userIds

    and using this userId i have to proceed it means its one kind of input of my stored procedure.

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