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    Unanswered: fault monitor

    We have DB2 Version 8.2 on AIX 5.3 and are going to install DB2 Version 9.1 on the same server. I have a question about DB2 Fault Monitor - db2fmcd.

    Will I need 2 fault monitor processes - one for 8.2 and another for 9.1?

    ps output:
    root 6393 1 0 Aug09 ? 00:02:08 /opt/IBM/db2/V8.1/bin/db2fmcd

    Will there be another entry for v9.1?

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    Since you will have two sets of binaries, I believe you will therefore need two FM daemons - the 9.1 fault monitor won't be able to access v8 instance(s).
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    There is one FMC daemon per server. During v9 installation, db2 should remove v8 db2fmcd entry from /etc/inittab and put a new one for v9.

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