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    Unanswered: Active X script

    well i need to write active X script in DTS to go against oracle DB
    and check one of the date field in a table. and if the date field is not older than 1 month then got to next step of dts if not throw warning saying date is not new.

    Not sure how to write in ActiveXscript, i am not a VBScript writer.

    some help please

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    this message board thing works better if you try something and post it here. then we cut and paste and fix it for you. Sometimes.
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    You shouldn't have to write an ActiveX script just to check a date in an OLEDB datasource. And Oracle is not an exception.
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    Steps in dts

    well, i just wanted to check against a interger field in oracle and if the field is greater than my comparing value then i want it to execute next step in dts, if it is not then i want to execute different step in dts.

    i was thinking about Active x script, i guess there should be easier way to do this.

    Any help is appreciated.

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