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    Unanswered: the problem about oracle upgrade

    recently i upgraded oracle to under windows server 2003 and everything went well after the upgrade was done.but after i did reboot,the db instance died so that i had to startup it by sqlplus myself and i even must do that manually after every reboot.but autostart was on and every service was ok,i am so puzzled.
    i am a quite beginner please help me.

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    (this sounds crazy BUT)
    have you tried commenting out this line in the sqlnet.ora file?

    what is the value of the registry key ORA_<SID>_AUTOSTART? should be TRUE

    also, try:
    - add the local administrator user (or system user/group) to the ORA-DBA users' group.
    - define another user (with rights) on the logon properties of the instance service.
    - The_Duck
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    thanks friend.I had installed the patch set on other servers with auto upgrade assistant and they were fine. May be something was wrong when I did that for the first time or it's the difference between 32bit OP and 64bit OP.
    Anyway thank you.

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