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    Unanswered: Filtering from a dropdown list

    I don't know if I do this in the query or with code....

    I have a tabular list based on a totals query of all the clients orders with
    the sales reps. I created a drop down to allow the sales managers to filter
    that list for only the clients of the sales reps they handle using a criteria
    of [Forms]![frmBilling]![sfrmMonthlyStatus].[Form]![SupervisorFilter] int the
    underlying query BUTno records show because I don't know how to configure it
    to show all records if one is not chosen and I don't know how to add an
    option to the list that allows them to choose Show All.

    The actual form does not show the supervisors and I don't have room to add
    it as a field to allow for Filter by Selection.

    Terri Gavin

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    To add "All" to a combo or a list, see: Forms: Adding "All" to a listbox or combobox

    Have a nice day!

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    i have something similar, a list of documents. the documents are always filtered by a job, so every time the form opens the filter is just job. but when a filter is chosen, it redoes the sql to something like customFilter + jobfilter. the customFilter has something like "[field]=comboFilter And", so it tacks it on to the front of the job filter. that way it doesnt matter if it is there or not. in fact, with this method i can filter my documents by all the fields, the filters just keep stacking up, so things like date and recipient and subject etc. and if the comboFilter is null then it doesnt add on anything.

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