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    Unanswered: Invalid use of Null - Don't want it to display MsgBox

    My user interface uses a series of combo boxes to filter the particular data a user is going to edit add records to etc.

    However, when a user doesn't make a selection or makes a type-o that doesn't filter to an index i get the standard MsgBox for "Invalid use of Null"

    Doesn't crash the system or do anything bad but gets annoying to have to click the 'ok' button each time.

    Is there a way to handel this error and then not display the MsgBox?

    Thank you have and good weekend,


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    Do you have error handling included in your procedure?
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    Use the Nz function to replace Null by something harmless:
    Something = Nz(Me.Combo_X.Value, "")

    Have a nice day!

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    thank you for the help

    Using your suggestion i educated myself further on the matter, for others that have questions this helped:

    Nz Method*[Access 2007 Developer Reference]

    Thank you again,


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