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    Question Most efficient way to store history


    I (will) have a simple table to store the state of a particular flow, containing the following fields (updated via JDBC):

    id : Long
    flowName : String
    status : String
    message : String
    timeSent : Date/Time
    All of these fields are relatively short strings, apart from message which can be upto 120 characters and timeSent is Date/Time.

    This table will potentially contain thousands of records, and potential hundred for one flow posted with a different status at different times.

    My problem is, I need to keep a record of all state changes to a flow, and need the ability to get the most uptodate state of each flow (called every minute or so), but also see the history (seldom called). As far as I can see, there are three ways to do this, but I don't know which one would be the most efficient.

    Method 1: Store the table as above, when I need the most uptodate record; find the record with the max date.

    Method 2: Include a "latest" field in the table, every time I add a new record, change the current "latest" record (for that particular flow) to false, and insert a new record with "latest" set to true.

    Method 3: Use two tables, one containing all statuses (as above) and another containing flowName and a index to the latest record in the first table.

    Which one of these (if any) is the best approach?


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    In this situation a "history table" approach might be better (see type 4 here: You only keep the most current record in the main table and, whenever it changes, copy the old version to the history table. You can then define a view over the union of the two tables to access the history.
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    Thank you for the info n_i, it was very useful. I have done a bit of research into SCD desgin patterns, but there dosen't seem to be much information on the effceiency of each type. Purly from design view, type 4 seems to suit my needs the best.

    Many Thanks,

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