The Sopranos seasonsis to television what Godfather is to the movies. Never was the mafia so perfectly depicted.
The Sopranos series tells the story of Anthony Soprano (a sensational James Gandolfini). He is one of the most important gangsters in New York- and he's having a crisis. In most of The Sopranos 1-6 dvd, he appears talking to his psychiatrist (played by Lorraine Bracco) about the problems in his mob life. It's a whole different side of the mafia we are used to. The Sopranos on dvddoes a lot of references to other crime movies, like Godfather and The Goodfellas. It's top entertainment, a television series so rare and original. One of the best television shows of all time. A true classic.
I remember the days when The Sopranos dvd was a weekly event.For me it was a moment in time worthy of a pause.Everybody was working for the weekend while I was working for the Soprano.Watching this show gave me one of the best feelings that I have had in a long time.Almost like being a kid at Christmas.The wait was that intense and that much more satisfying when a new episode would air,But yet that much more melon Colly when it would end as well. And no ,I don't have posters,collector items or a weird shrines build in homage to The Sopranos complete seasons.lets just say it was the one bright star in this mans average life. But to say the least, I think a lot of people have had these feelings .Whether it be The Sopranos seasons or "I love Lucy" from a much later era.When its gone,you feel like things will never be the same. It was a great show,The Sopranos box set was a good time and most of all it was life style.