Such an AMAZING show! You can't miss a show like Bones boxset. From the first season you are sucked into the drama and comedy of Booth, Brennan, and the Squints. It has such a perfect blend of drama and suspense from the crimes, comedy from the character relations, and loads of sexual tension that adds to the two. The end of the fourth season was such a HUGE twist that both upset and enticed me and many others. I am DEFINITELY hyped for season 5 and future seasons. Bones dvd definitely worth buying and watching over and over and over again!! I just can't stop watching True Blood Season 1!I started watching season one this week and it blew me away...It was the greatest surprise i have ever had in a very long time. The plot gets more and more interesting, each new True Blood Season 1 has a new surprising development. The characters are well built, Lafayette Reynolds is just amazing. And my favorite thing of all is the dark humor, very characteristic of Allan Ball. Sometimes i laugh my ass off.I can't wait for the beginning of season 2. Too bad there are only twelve episodes of True Blood Season 1 so far, there are a lot of bad shows with twenty episodes per season.