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    Unanswered: Cant move columns

    Hi, i use DB2 and i have created some tables. now i was "finished" but i forgot a column. i have added the last column and i wanted to move it up. there are zwo buttons to move columns up and down, but they are disabled. does andybody know, what i have to do to enable them???


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    Dosihris, The buttons are are disabled because you are not allowed to rearrange the columns of an already existing table. If you want to put the column in the 'middle' of existing columns you will have to drop and recreate the table (along with exporting / loading any data, recreating indexes, primary and foreign keys, etc.).

    The Up and Down arrows are enabled when you are creating a new table. Since the physical object doesn't exist yet, you can rearrange columns however you want.

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    ah, thanks for the answer... but why is it soo hard to change a column in the database??? Microsoft SQL can it too... Now i'm in the design phase, but when there are data in my table, i can not drop everything... there are foreign keys and i would have to create the entire database again.. because of one column... that would be stupid...

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    why do you want to change the column sequence. this has no importance at all
    it is not because some other can do this, that they are superior. there are millions of things that db2 can do, that others can not
    you can add-drop a column, but I don't see any reason for moving a column in the sequence.Planning is the most important part of a db.
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    The actual physical order of the columns in the row is not the same as the logical order anyway. Db2 LUW will automaticlly put VARCHAR's at the end (at least when table is initially created).
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