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    Unanswered: Hello. Newb question about type BLOB

    Hi. I am playing around with Borland CBuilder 6 and am going through an example (College Park Auto Shop). Instructions are: 1-create an alias to a directory where your Paradox database and table will be, then use Database Desktop (part of CBuilder) to create the table and enter one record. 2-start a CBuilder project and create the form that the Auto Shop will use - linking the fields to the table (alias).
    Per the instructions two fields - problemDescription and Recommendations use type memo. In entering the first record (using Database Desktop) I'm not to, nor can I enter data for these two fields. It seems that type memo is a BLOB type. Research tells me that a BLOB is used for photos sound or video. So I don't know why I'd use this type here. Why not text?
    I have the project compiled and it runs correctly. I can see the data in those two fields. However using Database Desktop all I see is <memo BLOB>. I would just like a little clarification on this datatype and how it works and why.

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    Sounds like it was just a part of the exercise.
    BLOB = Binary Large OBject
    A more appropriate field would be text, or maybe a varchar. But they may have wanted you to use BLOB to get familliar with this data type and how to handle it in your code.
    Hope this helps.

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