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    I have been given a task to normalise a set of attributes, I have started with 0 normal form (the attributes) and have attempted to normalise them.

    Quite frankly im useless when it comes to normalising and I was hoping someone could have a look at my attempt and explain to me where I went wrong .

    P.S The attributes are based on a risk assessment form. Basically a database is needed to store information about possible risks and it stores the following info

    Assessor (The person assessing the risk)
    Date of assessment.
    The Hazzard (the risk and details of it)

    RA ID: Risk assesment Id

    If you would like to me upload the orginal form (The one I used to get un-normalised attributes) then I can do so.
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    Good question.

    Yes, upload the original form.

    Also upload any fixed lists that you expect to use, such as what you expect the user will see in drop-down list boxes, etc. Eg:
    - Nature of Hazard
    - Risk Rating

    Also, what is "Physical Risk" and "Safe System Risk", provide data examples.
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