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    Question Unanswered: Re-order level and Alert


    In my database assignment I have a query called "Balance" which is derived from two queries and the main table:-

    1) TotalSales
    2) TotalReceipts
    3) StockDetails (table)

    Total Sales represents the SumofAmtSold and
    TotalReceipts represents the SumofAmtRcd
    StockDetails the OriginalStock is taken

    Balance therefore is:-
    ( SumofAmtRcd + OriginalStock) - SumofAmtSold AS Balance

    Up to this point I'm able to achieve comfortably.

    What I am unable to do is:
    To create some expression, code that would generate an alert if any particular Item is less than the desired level for stock.

    e.g. If balance <= 3 Then reorder (to be able to achieve this with an alert also)

    Any assistance granted will be greatly appreciated.

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    What form would this alert have? Msgbox, email, beep, report printed automatically ...?

    Also at what frequence should the database be checked, is it a multi-users system, does the application run in permanence, are the data separated from the front-end and where are they stored (mdb file, SQL server...)?

    Have a nice day!

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    I'd prefer to use a message box rather than the approach of having a report being generated with balances.

    The system is being used by 2 users. This should be checked once a day.

    I would probably have to do a query for Balance < the required level and run some form with that information (my guess)....just wanted it a little different from the regular reporting.

    Thanks for your response and contribution.
    Appreciated, Have a good day too :-)

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