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    Unanswered: SMS to DMS and vice versa

    This is for Db2 v9.1 FP3 on AIX and Linux.

    I have a database that for some reason has been created with SYSCATSPACE being DMS.

    1) Are there any disadvantages of having this TS DMS apart from the regular disadvantages of DMS. Meaning is there a particular problem having SYSCATSPACE as DMS.

    2) If there are then I would like to convert that to SMS.
    Is this possible using redirected restore. If yes, is there are anything particular to take care while doing.

    To test this I am first trying to create a Database with DMS SYSCATSPACE. So I took the following action

    Took an offline backup.
    Then created a redirected restore script but when I execute the SET CONTAINER clause for SYSCATSPACE to be a file(DMS) then I get the following error

    [db2inst: newpath]$ db2 "SET TABLESPACE CONTAINERS FOR 0 USING ( FILE '/DB2/db2inst1/newpath/SYSCATSPACE' 10000)"
    SQL0298N Bad container path. SQLSTATE=428B2

    I tried to create this in a new directory but still the same issues. I have dropped the old database and there are no files or directories from the old database.

    Would anyone know what the problem could be?

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    You cannot change the tablespace type once it is created. The only option is to unload all data and re-create tables in the new tablespace.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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