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    Unanswered: Dynamic Axis within Access Chart

    Hi, I'm using Access 2007 and I'm a bit of a beginner really, I'm not sure how to use VB either, so if I need to use that, I'd apppreciate if you could outline the steps.

    I've made a chart within Access that reads values from my database about the weeks that current staff have a workload until. Basically - Joe Bloggs ends his current tasks on week 45. John Smith ends his current tasks in week 38 etc.

    It displays fine except that the x-axis beginning value is 0. I know this can be manually changed but I want the x-axis minimum value to start with the current week number. So I can see how many weeks are left at a glance. When editing the axis on the chart properties, it will only accept an integer or a decimal.

    I know that the command =Format(Date(),"ww") can show the current week number on my database, but is it possible for my charts axis to dynamically change each week by somehow seeing this variable? For instance this week, it starts at 34, as of Sunday it will start at 35.

    I'd appreciate your assistance with this tremendously.

    I can attach a link to the current chart if necessary.

    Many thanks,

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