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    Unanswered: DBF File with 4GB when using Map Network Drive


    I'm sorry for my english but if someone could help me.

    I'm having problems with an application that use fox 32 with dbf files. When I use terminal server in Windows 2003 server, sometimes a dbf file stay with 4GB and i don't get to recover.

    The problem was fixed in windows 2000 server based in the articles below:

    A Deadlock Condition May Occur in the Network Redirector
    Slow performance when you use a mapped drive to copy files to a remote server from a Windows Server 2003-based computer
    Problems when more than one user accesses the same file through Terminal Services

    but in windows 2003 i didn't find anything.

    Best regards,


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    You must have tried to use the same solution (registry keys for instance).

    Also you may like to make a trial with other terminal service (emulation etc). like citrix etc.


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    "sometimes a dbf file stay with 4GB"

    Note - a DBF file may be no larger than 2GB and still work.
    If it exceeds the 2GB limit it will cause the application to throw and error message.

    Good Luck

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