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    Unanswered: Is it possible...

    Need to know if what I am dreaming of and have been attempting is possible...

    I have a VERY simply Database in Access 2003. It is simply a table with 3 columns

    Customer Date Employee

    The Employee columns is a drop down list that is linked to a table with all employee names.

    What I want to do is create a web page that allows people to input information into this table (it would be an intranet in reality) And i have IIS setup as this is what i believe i need to be doing.

    Here is the kicker....

    Getting the Form on a web page is somewhat simple...I can do that.

    What I need to do is (im assuming via ASP) run a query to bring up results based off of the date and display these results on a different web page. There will be a new column called "Confirm" which could be as simple as a YES/NO box (checkbox) I then need this to update/append/create a new table with the results.

    This is where I am stuck and not very sure is possible or what. The goal is to track new Customers that come in on an appoitment basis. Employees are given a bonus for every customer they schedule, and shows up. So the Query ideally would pull the Patients that have already been put into the table from the first part above and now display a column to check off if they indeed showed up. There are going to be about 4 computers that will access this page at any given time.

    Hopefully Ive explained this correctly,. Im not asking for the answer, just need to know if it is possible or if I am getting WAY over my head.

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    Sure, it's possible. You should be able to button this up PDQ with ASP.NET. Though I'd recommend using SQL Express over Access for web environments, given the choice.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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