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    Unanswered: Problem with creating node using db2ncrt

    Hello !
    I have a problem with creating node using db2ncrt tool.

    I have two computers:
    1. DB2: ESE V9.5
    Name: db2ese001
    Instance name: db2inst1
    Windows XP, firewall is off
    Instance created with instruction: db2icrt -s ese -r 50001,50005 -u db2admin,admin db2inst1

    2. DB2: ESE V9.5
    Name: db2ese004
    Instance name: db2inst4
    Windows XP, firewall is off

    On both computers DBM is working and I have admin privileges.

    I'm trying to create node on computer#2 by typing on computer #1:
    db2ncrt /n:1 /u:db2admin,admin /i:db2inst4 /m:db2ese004 /p:0 /g:
    After that I am recieving following error:
    DBI1924N. The computer name is not valid.
    Ping is working perfectly and I don't know what is the problem. I tried many combinations of db2ncrt instruction with same result.
    Is there something that I must do before i can create node ?

    Thanks in advance for help!


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    according this sample
    To add a new database partition server to the instance TESTMPP on the instance-owning computer SHAYER, where the new database partition server is known as database partition 2 and uses logical port 1, enter the following command:

    db2ncrt /n:2 /u:QBPAULZ\paulz,g1reeky /i:TESTMPP /m:TEST /p:1 /oHAYER /h:TEST
    /o is the computername and /m the instancename
    see db2ncrt - Add Database Partition Server to an Instance
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    So according to my configuration can you tell what should I type and on which machine ?
    I've used db2ncrt command exactly like in manual and it didn't work.

    Maybe there is a problem with network ports ? Did I miss something during instance creation ?

    I noticed that when I trying to add partition, 'db2ese004' machine is receiving packets. I used command:
    db2ncrt /n:1 /u:db2admin,admin /i:db2inst1 /p:0 /m: /h: /o:db2ese001
    but still same error occurs

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