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    Unanswered: Newbie to mySQL, alot of questions!

    Basically i'll try to keep this short and simple.
    I have had a spot the ball game designed by a programmer for my new website that i am no longer in contact with. He also produced a database for saving the coordinates of where the customer clicks and their contact details.

    Im having trouble uploading the .sql file to myphpadmin.

    It comes back to me with Access denied for user '********'@'localhost' to database 'spottheball'

    I have been told that the username is incorrect and that I need to edit it in the "database configuration file"

    How do i do this? I need to know in simple terms as this is my first experience with databases and to be honest im at a bit of a loose end.

    If anyone can be of assistance it would be greatly appreciated, i'll even offer some money to whoever can help me and my web designer.

    Many thanks

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    go to the ISP who is hosting your site and make certain that you have adequate privileges. although in this case its "localhost". so its down to you or your developer.

    the way MySQL security works is on a GRANT of privileges to specific users on specific machines or IP Addresses.

    the error message you are getting could be
    incorrect userid
    incorrect hostname or IP addresss
    or both.

    so you need to either open a command line copy of MySQL and apply the GRANT command


    downlaod a copy of the MySQL GUI tools from their website and apply the privlieges from MySQL Administrator

    if you do use the command line client then make certain you MySQL FLUSH PRIVILEGES before leaving to make certain the server loads the new privileges otherwise it will continue with the old privileges until the server is restarted

    MySQL :: MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual :: 5.5.2 Adding User Accounts
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