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    Question Unanswered: Multiple versions of SQL on same server

    We currently have a server running SQL2000 and SQL 2005 Express. We now are going to install the standard edition of SQL 2005. I realise I will have to install it in a new named instance and have read that SQL 2000 will need to be patched to at least SP3. Also have heard that I will need to uninstall the Express version of the management tools otherwise the full tools will not be installed.
    Has anyone else have any experience with doing this or can see that it might be a problem. Should I create a virtual server and install it there? Am I asking for trouble doing this?

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    No, there are a few minor glitches that I vaguely remember working through, but nothing of serious note. Depending on how hard you have to work to get down time, I'd probably allow a little extra down time to shake things down afer the upgrade, and possibly schedule a second (much shorter) downtime a day or two later.

    This isn't a biggie.

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