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    Unanswered: Help needed to figure out a problem with forms

    I'm doing a database that has a lot of questions on it for people to answer, the problem that I have is that if I use just one table for all the questions I can't fit them all onto one form but if I use seperate forms they wont link together properly for me to allow the current record to be pulled through, when you click the button to go to the next form it gives you a new record.

    I've tried with a number of different tables too but again, when you click to go from one form to the next it gives you a new record. Does anyone know a way I can manipulate it so that it gives me the current record in use in a new form?

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    try a tabbed dialog
    if you are using multiple choice make each question an option group and assign a numeric value to each value within the option group. so that the person fillingin the question can either seelct a check box or type a number
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