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    Unanswered: help-ntbackup change the date of the "last database backup" on sqlserver2005

    I have a machine with S.O.=W2003R2Server/SP2 and SqlServer2005/SP3.
    If I run a backup for some files with ntbackup on this machine(wich not include any sqlserver files-for example some *.txt files, system state backup,...), the date of 'last database backup' for all databases was changed. In Sqlserver logs(SSMS-SqlServer Agent-Error logs-View agent log), appear new records about backup, like: I/O frozen, I/O resume, Backup full database....
    This is not a SqlServer backup and no file like *.bak was made(only *.bkf, with ntbackup) .
    For SqlServer backups, i run schedule jobs with SSMS/SqlServer agent (full & differential backup).
    The ntbackup operation may break the differential backup chain of sql server 2005 because the date of "last database backup"(from database properties) was changed with the date/time of ntbackup operation. How can I resolve this issue?

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    I believe it is kind of nt VDI snapshot backups using shadow copies so a full backup does a correct backup of the database and these are I believe sql aware backups.
    But I have not used them...
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