Hi all I have to convert an access database (2007) to sql with Access on the back end. One if the things I noticed is that when you go to the design view of the access form there are two tables liked together.. Apparently this gives the user the ability to enter in the name of the record of the id of the record then the rest of the fields (first name and last name) Pop Up. For instance if they hit add record then type in the parent id the name of the person associated with taht parent id is pops up. Now I try this with sql in the back and no dice. not sure what the problem is but I was hoping you guys could asssist me.
they use an Access Short cut Key
Insert the data from the same field in the previous record CTRL+'
So I guess I need to create a list box so that they can enter the ParentID then tab down to the fields they need to enter data into then do the CTRL+ which will do the same for the previous record.