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    Unanswered: MySQL Out of Memory Error


    Does Anybody help me out in configuring/tuning my MySQL Server.

    Here are the details of our physical server:
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    32 bit

    Intel Xeon 3.0GHz
    RAM 32GB

    We are using MySQL Server 5.0
    Currently we are running 20 servlets and each instance averages 15000 kb.
    We are using inodb tables
    We have hundreds of users and Everytime the mysqld-nt process reaches 1,000,000k memory usagem, it crashes. The MySQL service automatically stopped. We are also encountering Unable to create new thread error.

    I know I posted this thread several times but until now there were still no clear answers for me. Need some help here..

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    The out of memory error means that mysql does not have enough memory to store the entire query result: You might have encountered below mentioned error message -

    "mysql: Out of memory at line 42, 'malloc.c'
    mysql: needed 8136 byte (8k), memory in use: 12481367 bytes (12189k)
    ERROR 2008: MySQL client ran out of memory

    In order to resolve this issue first check the query if it is correct. Is it reasonable that it should return so many rows? If not, correct the query and try again. Otherwise you need to invoke quick option to resolve the issue. This option will not cache each query result, rather print each row as it is received. If the issue still persists then the only way to resolve the issue is by using MySQL Repair software, which will repair the MySQL database and retain its cache value.

    I hope this will help you out.

    All the best!

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    Without the actual log message it is difficult to pinpoint where your problem lies. For instance, are you using memory resident tables? Could this be affecting the servers memory usage.
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