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    Unanswered: MDW access query

    Hi. At work we've been given the task of updating an Access 97 based database. The database was set up to use an MDW file with a custom name (i.e. not System.mdw). The mdw file has five levels of access, with varying amounts of privilege attached to them. The standard Access 'Users' and 'Admins' groups have been disabled, I believe so that only approved users can access the database.

    The top level of access is 'Admin'. As I have worked on this database in the past, I am a member of all groups, including 'Admin'. However, when attempting to open the MDW file using Access 97, I get an error message displayed on screen, which states that I do not have permission to open the file, or something along those lines.

    Another member of the team, who does not have the same level of access, can open the file and view the structure, the table (Although this does not display any data), and the queries. He can even run the queries, and by doing so, can see which users belong to which groups, which group a particular user belongs to, and so on.

    What I don't understand is why I don't have the same, or even improved access to the MDW?

    The overall aim is to get the other team member full access to the database so that he can perform the development work on it. Ideally we would like to import the database into SQL Server, etc. The database is set up so that (As long as there are no other users in it) an Admin user can set the rights for another user. So my plan is to update the other team members rights when I get into work monday morning. I'm hoping that this will add him to the remaining groups in the MDW file, and he will then be able to proceed. Doesn't help with my issue with the MDW file though...

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    You might like to look at the recent thread started by bsarman. Security problems associated with Access 97 upgrades seem to be popping up all over the place. Could you please advise how you are viewing the privileges. I assume it is through the Database Utilities/Security menu. I am curious to know how the groups are 'disabled'. It sounds as though no permissions have been allocated to the groups and it is being done through individual users.
    The usual groups are Owners, Admins and Users. Your post suggests another group called Admin. Is this a Group or the default user called 'admin' ? This name is a bit of a misnomer as it only has privileges by virtue of being the default user (unless you choose to make it a high-level administrator).
    One helpful thing might be to print out the users and groups.

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    mdw permissions

    Sounds like something happened to the mdw file or your shortcut to open it.

    -You can possibly view the users (and passwords) of the mdw file using the attached utility. I think it works with 97. Just open the mda file and click browse on the menu to open the mdw file and view.

    -Make sure the shorcut properties to open the mdb (ie. look at the mdw parameter) has the correct mdw file in the right location.
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    i dont know anything about the access security, but with windows shares etc, if you belong in many groups and 1 of the groups does not allow you to do something, then this is 'higher' than any allows that exist.

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