I need a plugin for Wordpress.

I want users to be able to link to an mp3 and have it play as well as add images to posts. I want it to work LIKE this theme:

I need a plugin and not a special theme because this needs to be easy to use for the users will probably not be super tech-savie... So...

The plugin:

- I don't want to have to upload and then link to it in a custom field. I want a special box on the post screen to upload the image through the wordpress media manager and also have a link to the full size image and be able to call these images in the theme template for the posts.

- Same thing for the MP3 link. I want a special field just for that so it can be called and used for play and we'll be safe if we should decide to change up the way the music is played. We won't be faced with having to go back in and move things around.

- I only want the audio player and album art for posts in an assigned category. Other posts will show normally.

Wordpress Theme:
I want it based in the Wordpress classic theme. I don't want a lot of excess mess, etc like the Mixtape theme. I want to be able to change it up however I want. Audio posts should have a player on the homepage and on the single post page like Mixtape. The album thumb on the homepage and full size on the single post page.

Target category ID for audio posts

Activate > Settings > Fields on Post Page > Simple Theme with Audio Player

Please contact me with an estimate on time and money to take to my partner.