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    Unanswered: Changing partial dates into worse case scenario

    I'm currently having problems with query...

    Basically I need to make a query that compaires 2 different dates. The problem occures when I come to taking a partial date and updating it.

    E.g. --/JAN/2008 = 31/JAN/2008. 01/---/2008 = 01/DEC/2008.
    (obviously I need to take leap years into concideration etc)

    I've been trying to create a function I can call to do this but to no avail as my knowledge of VBA/ SQL is very limited...

    Any suggestions/ examples would be greatly appreciated.


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    Why aren't you storing dates as dates?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Good question. The data that I receive/ handle will often be incomplete, incorrect or even missing so we have certain codes in place that we use to easily identify where these anomalies are and alas the codes will not be accepted by a date/time field. So with a partial date for example when we receive --/JAN/2009 it'll be entered as UK/JAN/2009 and 01/---/2009 will be 01/UNK/2009. These SOPs have been in place since I've joined the company, there are many things I do not agree with but I'm afraid I just need to deal with it.

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