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    Unanswered: Using a checkbox as a filter for a form.

    I have reviewed all of the like threads I could find, but none seem to fit what I want to ask. I have a very small Training Database. It contains everyone who has work at the site, but I only want my current view to show those folks currently employed. In the Employee database, there is an "Active" checkbox, and I thought that I could just use that to filter who I wanted to see in the form. That said, nothing I try seems to work. I can post the entire db if it would help.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to lend me.

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    I have a very limited knowledge on Access, but I believe I am using a similar column in my Staff Table called ACTIVE, which is a "Yes/No" Checkbox.

    The one way that I am aware of, is to make a query something like this:

    SELECT Staff_ID, Firstname, Lastname, Active, etc
    FROM Staff
    Where Staff.Active = "Yes"

    So you could make a button that runs the query and displays the results. That's about all I can offer, sorry if this doesn't suit your needs.

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    so do your join then put in a where clause
    where Active = TRUE

    or if you are using the query designer add the tabels you need
    add the columns you need, add the active column in the parameters box = TRUE
    make sure your join works.. if you have defined realtionships properly it should
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