I followed the instructions at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/ac...874011033.aspxto reset the page numbers in each group of a report so that page counts would be based on pages in the group and not pages in the overall report.

While the [Page] count appears to be resetting correctly on my report the [Pages] count stays tied to the amount of pages in the overall report and not just the total pages in the group. I have tried to modify the macro described in the article to include a second line that resets the [Pages] item but I get an error saying that "the property is read-only and it can't be set".

When I post a control in the page header with ="Page " & [Page] & " of " & [Pages] I am getting something like this today.

Page 1 of 3
Page 1 of 3
Page 2 of 3

I should get the following results

Page 1 of 1
Page 1 of 2
Page 2 of 2

I used the macro fix because it seemed relatively easy compared to some of the other fixes for this that I have read. Does anyone know if there is an edit to the macro that will allow the [Pages] property to work as desired? Thanks.