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    Exclamation Unanswered: Asset Database help please

    Hi all, ive been working on this database for 2 weeks now and ive been stuck at this problem for about 1 of them. Help would be apreciated greatly. Im using access 2007. Whats going on is I have a table for contacts, a table for all the property.Than I have a form with subforms. On top is the contacts name ect. below in the subforms is where you enter the information at. When I enter anything in for any one at first it looks good till i go to the next user and back than it posts all the same information all the way across.What its sapose to do is can add item(s) for every one and it should maintaine all records. When look at the property table should show people with multiple items and linked to same name. I know I dont explain the best so i attached the part im working on. If any one could help me you will be my savor. Thanks.
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