Hi all. I was hoping someone could clarify a problem I am having with a custom type. Using oracle 11g and the odbc5 driver.

There are 3 schemas concerned here: James, Joe, and Scott.

James is the user I log in as.
Joe contains a local version of The_type.
Scott contains a version of The_type with a public synonym.

When I login as Joe, The_type resolves to the local version.
When I login as James, the_type resolves to the public synonym.

However, when I login as James, and alter the current schema to Joe, I still resolve the public synonym. I was under the impression that when I changed schemas, te order of precedence for type resolution would return the local type first. I remember a bug in driver 10.2 that marked this as a bug,
but I wouldn't think this would affect the new driver.

So, is there a bug in the driver, or am I doing something wrong here, or are my expectations of the order of precedence flawed?

Thanks in advance, I hope I've provided enough details.