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    Unanswered: Tools for performance analysis and trending

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of evaluating different analysis and trending tools for SQL Server performance.

    I am currently trying out a tool called Ignite (
    Does anybody here have any experience with this tool?

    Are there any other similar tools that you suggest I try out?

    The tool should log performance counters, letting me do "real-time" drill-down analysis of performance problems giving me information about wait types and sql statements that causes problems.

    The tool should also provide wait type trends so I can get an overall picture of how wait types related to I/O, memory and CPU changes over time.

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    I have not used Ignite but I use the following two...
    Both are good...

    You can check Quest's capacity management and performance management suites...

    Quest SQL Server Management Tools

    Also Idera's SQL Diagnostic Manager
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    Thanks a lot. I'll check them out.

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