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    Unhappy Unanswered: xml to mysql import with parent and child tags

    Is there a program I can buy that will take a large xml file ( Over 650mb ! )

    And then import the data into a mysql database. Apart from the file size I am having problems because the xml file uses parent and child tags so the destination database needs to be multi table.

    I am also looking for a program to open the xml file so i can edit it and break it up into smaller files. Any ideas of what program I can use for this

    If anyone can point me in the dirrection of a solution I would be most greatful



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    Editing a 650Mb file is unpractical, whatever method used.
    Better import it into the database first then see about edits.

    Just found this in version 6.0
    MySQL :: MySQL 6.0 Reference Manual :: 12.2.7 LOAD XML Syntax
    only glanced over it so not sure it can handle your situation.

    Speaking as a developer i would create an application to do it (or have one created), if you just need to map the xml tags to mysql tables and fields then it should be possible for a budget less than 100$

    You can try a site like rentacoder, getacoder, getafreelancer, etc... with a bit of luck you'll find a guy to do it for 10$.

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