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    Question Unanswered: How to make a log of entered queries

    Is there any way to make a log for all the queries which come in the database remotely from an application or entered in the query window.

    I am talking about Ms Access 2003/07

    Please tell me a solution ASAP thanx

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    It would help you get a faster response, if you post the question in the correct forum - the MS Access forum... (Access has its own forum, and, it is not a databases server - it is a desktop database application.)

    Also, requesting "a solution ASAP" is considered fairly rude, as, by implication, you consider your issue more important than any other person's issue.
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    A Solution:
    Assign the incoming query to a variable, store variable contents in a query list table.
    I would throw origin and date created in there as well for tracking purposes.

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    I would just say NO. You cannot do ANYTHING if users are creating queries remotely [or not], using the Access query design interface and not your own interface.
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    You asked this previously but never answered my question: What specifically do you mean by "for all the queries which come in the database remotely from an application or entered in a query window"? I can't help you if you don't explain this. My guess is that there is a much better solution.
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