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    Question Unanswered: How to make a log of entered queries

    Is there any way to make a log for all the queries which come in the database remotely from an application or entered in the query window.

    I am talking about Ms Access 2003/07

    Please tell me a solution ASAP thanx

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    Here's code I use in the rowsource of a listbox to display queries/table names.

    SELECT Type
    , Name
    , DateCreate
    , DateUpdate
    FROM MSysObjects
    WHERE Type IN (1,5)
    AND Name NOT LIKE 'MSys*'
    BY Type
    , Name

    Copy and paste this into the query (you may have to tweak the syntax from copying.)

    You can modify the In(1,5) to decipher queries/tables.

    You can also look at the properties in the MSysObjects table (you'll need to show all hidden/system tables)
    Perhaps you can get what you need from that.

    Otherwise, maybe the Creation Date (change view to see details) or some other can get you the info you need. You're a little vague on "getting the queries remotely or entered in the query window". I don't know what you mean by this.
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