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    Unanswered: How to destroy / “disable to open” database

    I have design one simple access database. Now I would like to destroy / “disable to open” my database on or after the specified date.
    Also please note following things;
    1. database is very simple as it contain only some table, very simple query made by giving criteria like “enter the field name” or “is null” or “is not null” etc.
    2. Also there are some basic reports developed to format the data retrieve from queries & to do some arithmetical calculation on the numeric data.
    3. Also I am not using any kind of forms in database for entering data. I am using import feature to feed data in tables.
    4. I am not using switchboard in database. After opening database it will take me to main window of access where I can see table, queries, and reports directly.
    5. Also I am not using any concept of Visual basic in database, as I don’t know anything in VB.

    Please give solution with detail description because I am using access as end user not as developer.

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    pk and ST both gave you good answers already. Forgive me for being rude, but if you're not willing to do some of the work yourself, then hire an outside consultant.
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    Agreed. It is too much to ask for someone to do the work for you let alone do it for you and document every step along the way in full detail so that a USER can follow it.

    Either hire a developer or become one!

    You never know though, someone with lots of time to donate might want to do it....
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