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    Unanswered: Updating through a form


    I am trying to create a form through which the user can update the data in one of my tables.

    at the moment I have the following:
    A form with a combo box. The user chooses the item they want to work on through the combo box.
    Underneath the combo box are 4 unbound text boxes which update when an item from the combo box list is selected.
    The user can then change the data in the text boxes and click a button to update back to the table.
    this all works fine but I have realised a problem with setting it up this way: how can i restrict the user on his input? Ideally instead of the text boxes I would like to have some drop-downs from which the user can choose their amendments.
    So what i would like to happen is the following:
    User chooses an item from the combo box. Item information is displayed below the combo box. If user decides to change the item information he can only choose from a list of preset values. The list of preset values is short (10 or less) and usually test based.

    an example:
    Building owner: Bob, Bill, John

    How do I do this?????

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    Build yourself a table of valid values, with three fields:

    Change your text boxes to combo boxes (you should be able to do this in Access), and set the RowSource to "SELECT [Value] FROM tblValues WHERE [GroupName] = 'ThisGroup';" Also, set the combo boxes not to allow values not in the list.

    Before you do this, make sure that the data already in the database is valid. Otherwise, when a user tries to retrieve a record, the form will fail.
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