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    Unanswered: Automate copy tables between servers

    I am looking for the simplest method of copying specific tables (or if necessary, the whole database) from a remote server to a local one at a scheduled interval.

    The remote server contains our live data and the local ones we use for testing and as a backup.

    Both servers are running SQL 2008 express.

    I have seen many articles using detach/attach, import/export wizard, etc., but as I said I would like to be able to script it, schedule it, and do a simple copy without affecting what's happening on the remote/live server.

    Any thoughts or direction would be appreciated.

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    If you want to copy couple of tables, you can use Linked server (4 part name) or sqlcmd/bcp options without effecting your live server.
    If you want to do the entire database then it is better to use the backup/restore option which will not effect your live server.

    Automating SQL Server 2005 Express Backups and Deletion of Older Backup Files
    Linking Servers
    Download details: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express
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