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    Unanswered: Dynamic charts


    I hope someone can help me with this, the last question I asked didn't get one reply! Luckily I managed to resolve it myself after hours of playing with the database.

    I've created a database that looks like this:

    I have the main big chart which shows overall 'potential growth' and I have the smaller charts around which show each individual office's potential growth.

    I've hidden the ID on the form, you can put as many entries in which correlate to the same work week. So for iinstance, on week 36 you could have 1 designer for Bristol, and 2 Stress for Chester - which would require two separate entries.

    What I'd like to know is how to make all of the charts update after every entry is made. At the moment the whole form has to be refreshed in order for the main graph to change. And the smaller ones only show the correct graph, when you're on an entry that has that particular office checked!

    I've meddled with the graphs for ages and I just can't seem to make them 'always show' their relevant data.

    I hope this makes sense! The Row source text is as follows:

    SELECT [Work Week],Sum([Stress]) AS [SumOfStress], Sum([Design]) AS [SumOfDesign] FROM [tbl_Resource] GROUP BY [Work Week];

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    I have tried many times with many methods in the past to use a chart on a form, and I never end up happy with it. I just don't think charts are meant to be on forms. Instead I opt to have a form that the user can use to enter in their criteria, and then a button to take that criteria and pull up a report with the chart on it. Often I'll either create a temporary local table that the chart is based off of and update said table before opening the report, or I simply edit the SQL of a stored query and base the chart off of that.

    HTH. Cheers!

    Can you upload images using the attachment manager please? I personally don't like to look at photos on outside sites as you never know exactly what kind of crapware they have.
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    Cheers Nick,

    That's helpful - It's good to know it's not just me that these charts drive crazy then!

    I'll go with that report idea, I've actually started doing that a bit anyway, but they're quite lazy here and if it's right there in front of their faces, it makes my educating job easier!



    P.S. Yeah, will use the attachment manager in future, I didn't even notice it!!

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