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    Question Unanswered: Database massages

    i was wondering how can remove all the database massages from appearing in my project?
    when i execute an sql query to delete a row in a table
    i get the msg: "you are about to delete 1 row(S) from the specified table"
    i already ask the user thouse questions...
    how can i stop msg for a spesific form? and how can i stop msg for the hole project?

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    on error resume next
    docmd.setwarnings false
    docmd. runsql strSQL
    docmd.setwarnings true
    replace strSQL with your SQL string and take out the space between "docmd." and "runsql" (the forum needs the space in there)
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    thank's a lot!!!
    it works
    i was wondering how can i stop all the messages thougnt entire project and not in a specifice form?


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