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    Unanswered: Ms Access - Connecting To Oracle Using Odbc


    I have been using ODBC (Oracle ODBC Drivers) to create SQL Pass Through Queries in MS ACCESS for many years. Recently as a result of security upgrade, our Oracle DB port was changed from Port 1521 to 1531.

    I was asked to update the TNSNAMES.ORA to update the port information to be able to access the Oracel DB. Using SQLPlus, with the updated port I can login. But MS ACCESS does not let me use the SQL Pass Throught Queries any more and gives me a message "ODBC--Call Failed" in a popup window Connection String Builder.

    I will appreciate any ones guidance. The Oracle ODBC Driver System DSN Entry lets me successfully test the connection. It is MS Access that does not let me through.

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    Oracle does not or care about the flavor of client connecting to it.
    This is a problem with ACCESS/ODBC not Oracle.
    You might get more/better/faster answer in a Micro$oft forum.
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    I found out the hard way that when you define an external data link, access stores the entire connection string in the database so it doesn't matter if you change the tnsnames file. Use the linked table manager . Select all the oracle linked tables in the database and click the update button. This should solve your problem.
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