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    Unanswered: MS Access - Connecting To Oracle Using Odbc


    I have been using ODBC (Oracle ODBC Drivers) to create SQL Pass Through Queries in MS ACCESS for many years. Recently as a result of security upgrade, our Oracle DB port was changed from Port 1521 to 1531.

    I was asked to update the TNSNAMES.ORA to update the port information to be able to access the Oracel DB. Using SQLPlus, with the updated port I can login. But MS ACCESS does not let me use the SQL Pass Throught Queries any more and gives me a message "ODBC--Call Failed" in a popup window Connection String Builder.

    I will appreciate any ones guidance. The Oracle ODBC Driver System DSN Entry lets me successfully test the connection. It is MS Access that does not let me through.

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    This may sound stupid but...

    did you use the "linked table manager " tool in access to update the links?

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    I have tried linking the tables as well as creating a new Pass Through Query. Both of them are not letting me through. It seems to be a problem that seems to be limited to database that is other than port 1521 as the databases that have port 1521 I can easily work with.

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    Could it be a router/firewall issue?
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