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    here are 2 questions i am very confused with
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    Alright. I don't like this posting of images to ask questions thing you've got going.

    First, its not searchable so someone with the same question will never find it.

    Second, if you want us to take the time to write an answer, then at least take the time to type out a question.

    Third, your request is too vague. How is anyone going to "answer" other than send you to the reference section dealing with sub-queries?

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    and three, this looks like homework or a test which we don't do without an effort by the originator. Tell up what you think and why
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    Wink Lmao

    and I though I'd seen everything. lol. This looks like an online test for a technical screening for a job. I would answer, only I can barely make out anything. lol

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