I am using a Google map store locator as outlined here:
Creating a Store Locator with PHP, MySQL & Google Maps - Google Maps API - Google Code

I've entered all of the locations into mysql tables using a cms. I have everything working fine but I want to bring in one more field (from another table) and use it in my xml. Is there a way I can edit the my query below to include a field from another table? Entries in both tables are keyed to a column called "entry_id"

$query = sprintf("SELECT field_id_13, field_id_11, field_id_18, field_id_19, field_id_20, field_id_15, field_id_16, field_id_17, ( 3959 * acos( cos( radians('%s') ) * cos( radians( field_id_18 ) ) * cos( radians( field_id_19 ) - radians('%s') ) + sin( radians('%s') ) * sin( radians( field_id_18 ) ) ) ) AS distance FROM exp_weblog_data HAVING distance < '%s' ORDER BY distance LIMIT 0 , 20",