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    Unanswered: problem rollforward DB2

    I have to restore a database and rollforward to a specific point in time.

    We make flashcopies from our production server to our test server and then backup all the files from there.
    Now I tried to restore the directories and files. this worked fine using tsm.
    then I uncataloged the database and cataloged it again.
    After I had all the logfiles in place I tried to init the database as standby with

    db2inidb dbname as standby

    but I get this message:

    DBT1010N The split mirror image database "dbname" has been previously initialized as a snapshot.

    before we make the flashcopy the database is set to write suspend and after the flashcopy it is set to write resume.

    what is going wrong there? do I have do delete anything on the backup server before restoring the files? or do I have to do anything on the production database before doing the flashcopy?

    As I am new at db2 administration I ask you to help me with this if possible.

    many thanks in advance,


    Oh, I forgot. We have DB2 V9.1 running on Linux

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    when using flashcopy - there is no need for restore, just db2inidb
    see over here
    Using a split mirror as a standby database
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    Yes I know, but the database on testserver was started meanwhile. after doing the flashcopy a tsm backup copies all the files. when this is done the database is started on the testserver.
    so I did the restore of all files to match the state of flashcopy and to be able to rollforward. but this is not working because of the error message above.

    do i have to delete every database file and logfile before restoring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerkat
    but the database on testserver was started meanwhile
    What do you mean by that? All container paths and other directories on the standby must be exactly the same as on the primary. If you had an active database there, how did you copy the new files?
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