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    Unanswered: dropping a db2 client

    I am having difficulty dropping a db2 client instance (it does not show up in the db2ilist command output)

    $ su - db2v9cl
    db2v9cl's Password:
    $ db2level
    DB21085I Instance "db2v9cl" uses "64" bits and DB2 code release "SQL09015"
    with level identifier "01060107".
    Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.1.0.5", "s080512", "U815922", and Fix Pack
    Product is installed at "/usr/opt/db2_09_01".

    $ db2ilist

    The above environment is AIX 5.3

    Here is the output when db2idrop command is issued:

    archz02:/root>cd /
    archz02:/>/usr/opt/db2_09_01/instance/db2idrop db2v9cl
    DBI1291E The instance db2v9cl was not found in the
    instance list.


    The specified instance was not found in the instance list.

    User Response:

    Verify that the list of instances as reported by the "db2ilist"
    command is correct. Retry the command with a valid instance

    DBI1079I Output is saved in the log file /tmp/db2idrop.log.2785428.


    All processed and failed operations have been saved into this log

    User Response:

    Do not modify this file in any way. This file is for IBM
    Technical Support reference.

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    as seen in db2ilist - the instance does not exits
    why is the instance name of client different from userid ?
    the only instance you can drop is arcdevz
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